Aquamarine submarine

How quick are your reflexes? Are you ready to explore the depths of the sea with all its dangers and adventures? Then Greyheadstudio’s latest aquamarine is your best bet!

 In aquamarine you’re the helmsman of a little yellow submarine, trapped deep down in the ocean. You have been tasked with examining the undiscovered parts of the sea and the only way through is in the darkest and most threatening waters. On your journey you will encounter dangerous sea creatures who will try to attack your submarine during your expedition. Beware of Larry the shark, Kraken the octopus, Sammy the jellyfish , Bob the bigfish and many other aquatic predators. Yet your deadliest enemy of all is the giant iceberg located under the water, once you touch it , your travel is over and you have to start your tour all over again. Your goal throughout the game is to travel deep into the waters as far as you can without touching the rocks and encountering the sea’s hooligans. 

So how quick are your reflexes ? Ready to get frustrated and let aquamarine play around with your nerves and patience? Don’t be a wuss and see how long you can last in the dangerous world of aquamarine!


Diamond Heist

Diamond Heist is beautiful math-3 game with the twist and challenge. Carefully designed and logically approved by professional stone and diamond collectors!


The clock is ticking!

You will have to collect the combinations fast as time is limited per each level.


Power-up your game; power-up your brain!

Use power-ups to successfully finish levels with highest score ever – blow squares of stones, destroy stones of a kind with a single swap.


Leave your friends behind in the leader board!

Don’t forget that time plays an important role in finishing each level. But only the smartest ones will get to the top of the leader board with the highest score. 



Flowering Tree

How often do you use your logical thinking skills in everyday life?  Probably very little or not at all. Well, Greyheadstudio got you covered!  Flowering tree Puzzle Game is a great modern way to challenge those dead brain cells while enjoying beautiful designs and graphics.

It all starts with a beautiful flowering tree that you see on the meadow on a rosy sunrise.  Unfortunately, this lovely plant is the last of its kind due to its secret magic abilities! That’s right! The tree is capable of healing wounds and scars , which is why the tree is secretly called The Tree of Life. And here’s the thing: The whole magic hides in its branches and leafs.

But your help is needed! In order for the tree to remain as beautiful and to flower as rapid, you need to take care of it and heal its broken branches. The goal is to connect as many broken branches as possible and keep the tree healthy and luscious. The more branches you connect, the more points you get. But it isn’t as easy as it seems: The branches are all twisted and mixed up, so it takes brains and requires some thinking to rotate the branches correctly to form a strong and healthy stem. Don’t forget to be quick! You only have a limited amount of time for each level. For more points you can use different bonuses that help you connect more branches in smaller periods of time.

Seems like a lot of responsibility to take care of the magic plant…Don’t worry, you won’t be alone! Meet Blue-your loyal feathery companion who will guide you through the tutorial and stay with you on your mission.  


So hurry up! Download Flowering Tree, test your intelligence and restore the tree’s magic abilities!



Happy Cook

No adults allowed in the kitchen! The territory is reserved only for Jerry the Cook and his little helpers.


Meet Happy Cook, an entertaining educational game where kids get the chance to develop quick reflexes, concentration and attentiveness skills. With fun, energetic tunes in the background, your child has to pay attention to the objects rolling down four shelves and make sure to collect only the edible objects by tipping on the items


Jerry needs your help! His restaurant is very popular and fairly crowded. Jerry is in a rush to collect as many food items as possible to be able to serve them to his guests.  Collect cheese, vegetables, fruits, cake, candy, ice cream, jam and other delicious goods into the cook’s frying pan. Pay attention to the items rolling down. You will encounter inedible objects that will take away your lives if you let them on your pan.  

Hear that? The guests are here!

Don’t let Jerry down. Hurry up and help him impress his guests with yummy dishes served.




Mystery Crypt

Mystery Crypt is a brand new Halloween game that involves scares and logic. The mind game is arranged in a sort of puzzle that gets your brain working without getting bored. The action takes place on a graveyard, filled with tons of white bones on a dark Halloween night. The bones were left from previous players who did not have enough brains to win the game. Your job, as a player, is to save the unfortunate souls and bring the dead players back to life by connecting their broken bones on the graveyard.

Each bone can be rotated around its center. Rotate each bone as long as you find a way to connect them together. The more bones you connect, the more points you get. For more points, you can use different bonuses:
- Blow the whole graveyard up with multiple Skull Bombs.
- Teleport your bones with the Witch Bonus.
- Surprise yourself with the Pink Boiling Potion Bonus.
- and many more!

Mystery Crypt gives you a variety of time attack options and difficulty levels. As a beginner, start with the classical game type mode and then build your own routine!
If you are in a time rush, go with the 3 minute time attack in the hardest level to warm up your brain quickly and productively. If you've got plenty of time to spare, try going over an hour non stop for the Patience Sign! Earn the Einstein Sign if playing 9 levels through on the hardest level. For those smart ones out there, is the special Endless mode available, which is pretty self- explanatory- the game extends to a very long time period.
Don't forget to check and compare your scores in the game center!

Since this game is on the harder side, you cannot forget about the tutorial-TutorialPassed Sign. If you skip the tutorial and try to randomly rotate the bones on the graveyard without knowing what it's for, you'll give up too quickly and get bored too easily. So, don't skip your warm-up!

Unlike other boring mind games, Mystery Crypt will not get you bored that easily thanks to the attractive Halloween theme, spooky Halloween sounds and the tricky bone combinations that make you turn your head on and use your mind and your logic in order to solve the Mystery.

So what are you waiting for? Download Mystery Crypt to test your intelligence and waste your time wisely by training your brain in the most amusing and entertaining way possible!



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